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Our machining capabilities service our local industries which include but are not limited to mining, oil/gas, transportation, pulp, sawmills and forestry.  

Mechanical Rebuilding
Hydraulic rebuilding
Gearbox rebuilding
Custom machining, high volume machining
Saw arbors, guide bars and plates, drive rolls, chipping head repairs
Chain flights, shafts, hubs, pump bases and kiln parts

API thread repair and manufacturing

Drill rod repair and manufacturing
Drill rod connection components
Saw arbor straightening and balancing
Chipping head machining and balancing
Pellet mill roll rebuilding

Projects are completed using both cnc lathes and machining centers. We utilize a wide variety of materials including plastic, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze and other specialty steels. We also source secondary material treatments including Quench and temper hardening, case hardening, liquid nitriding and powder coating. 

Full service machine shop with fabrication/welding capabilities


Provide us with a drawing, idea or sample part. From here we will create

a solid computer model that will take us to the prototype stage.


Utilizing CAM software, the first part is built precisely to the computer model. 

In this stage we discuss material options and possible additional processes

such as coatings and heat treatments the part may require.

This will show any alterations needed to make the prototype functional.


Once the customer is satisfied with the prototype, we begin the manufacturing process. 

Using Haas Cnc machines we will machine the desired amount of parts you need.

We have one off part and high production capabilities.


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